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Premium Remote Control Operated Slope Mowers

RC Mowers offers the industry’s most extensive line of Remote Control Mowers, including commercial & residential grade models for your specific slope-mowing application.

Slope Degree: Our mowers provide a wide range of available features and benefits including slope climb capabilities ranging from 22 to 50 degrees and both wheel & track drive systems.

Cutting Deck Width: We offer a wide range of cutting deck width sizes from 44 inches to 72 inches.

High-Tech & Safety Features: All of our mowers feature updated safety features, updated digital remote control functionality, and manual deck height adjustability for reliable, maintenance free use.

Robust Engine Performance: We offer perfectly matched engine and transmission pairings from Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Hydro Gear ensuring robust performance and dependable service.


Our commitment to design & testing reflects our mission to deliver a quality mower capable of tackling your specific slope mowing job.  We pride ourselves in our ability to leverage commonly used & widely available service items, enabling efficient local parts sourcing and serviceability.

Whether you are seeking to maintain your aggressive commercial embankment with tall grasses and challenging terrain safely, or simply looking to care for your lawn in comfort, RC Mowers is proud to offer a remote control mower solution for your specific situation.

Performance, flexibility, and serviceability




RC Mowers is the leading manufacturer of remote control slope mowers, providing the most extensive line of models for both commercial and residential applications. Our innovative TRACK system balances performance and efficiency, allowing unmatched coverage in handling commercial, high-slope projects on a variety of terrain. Our fast, efficient wheeled units offer incredible coverage and convenience to any mowing project. Every RC Mowers unit is proudly made in the U.S.A.



  • Our company’s commitment to safety ensures every mower exceeds standards and regulations for the operator, equipment, and environment
  • Our commercial-grade remote control offers precise and convenient hand-held operator control and added safety features
  • Each model has perfectly matched engine and transmission pairings for robust performance and dependable service


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